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What is Hotmail or Outlook?

Hotmail is a PIM (personal information Manager) web application provided by Microsoft. Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia but Later Known as who already have Hotmail account they are worried about Hotmail login, but allows users to Hotmail login account. Hotmail messenger provides advanced security to its users. For security reasons, Hotmail uses HTTPS which is known as the securest Protocol. There are no time limitations for Hotmail login You can use it any time anywhere or by any Device.

Hotmail Login is webmail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks web application which is providing their services in 106 different languages. Microsoft purchased Hotmail in 1997 against $400 Millon The present Owner of Hotmail is Microsoft and its a commercial website that requires registration. It was launched on 4th July as Hotmail and later It was renamed as Outlook on 31st July 2012.

outlook has 400 Millon users in which some of the users have prefix and some have prefix. For Hotmail login or outlook login users have to visit the login process is similar for both email prefix. you can manage your attachments and emails.

How to login Hotmail In pc Mobile and MAC devices?

Hotmail login in windows or MAC's web browser.

There is some basic requirement for Hotmail sign in. If you fulfilled all the requirements you can go for login.

  • A Device like PC, laptop, or MAC.
  • Installed Web browser
  • Active internet connection.
  • Valid Login Credentials.
  • A mobile phone for verification. (if 2FA is enabled).

Login process via Web browser

  • Launch Web browser which is installed in your device.once it launched.
  • Search for Hotmail login in your search engine or you can directly browse login page HEre for sign in.
  • You have successfully landed on Outlook sign-in page. now provide your email address and your password and click on the Next button.
  • if 2FA(Two-factor authentication) is enabled in your Hotmail account. you will receive an OTP which you have to enter in the required field of verification code and click next to verify it's you.
  • Once You complete these login steps you will automatically redirect to the dashboard of your Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail login by mobile devices or mobile apps.

  • There are some basic requirements To Hotmail login via mobile devices. if you fulfill these requirements you can jump on the login process

    • A Mobile Device which Supports outlook app.
    • Active internet connection.
    • Valid Login Credentials.
    • A mobile phone for verification. (if 2FA is enabled).

    Login process via Mobile drives.

    1. First of all download outlook official app in your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. Once the outlook app is download, installed, and ready to use then launch this application.
    3. It requires Your email and passwords to sign in. provide the required detail and tap sign in button.
    4. It requires permission to sync your content. if you want to sync the Tap on YES to sync your content like calendar, contacts, etc.
    5. Once you complete these steps without any issue now your outlook app is ready to use. If you are having a problem while Hotmail login you will not have to worry. follow steps below to solve Hotmail sign in problems.

    Hotmail sign in problems.

    have you forget your account details or its lost and Are you having problems in sign in? You can recover and solve your sign-in issues.


    Forget password? Recover your Hotmail account.

    Follow the below steps to recover your account and set a new password.

    1. Launch Web browser which is installed in your device. Then Search for Hotmail login in your search engine or you can directly browse login page Here for sign in.
    2. Provide your Email address then click on the Next button. now it required password
    3. If you already add your recovery email you can click on "send code ex***" which is placed below the password field.
    4. If you want to recover by any other method like mobile number verification or by security questions you can click on "forget password".
    5. It will display all the account recovery options. now select one by which you want to recover Hotmail account and click on "Get code"
    6. outlook sends you a verification code on your chosen recovery option. Once it received enter the verification code in the required verification code filed click on Verify
    7. if your verification code matched it will ask the new password. provide a new password and login with your credentials.

    Now you have successfully recovered the Hotmail account.